Dear Aile School Parents,

As a vibrant part of the Aile School global community, we understand that navigating the world of virtual learning is as new to you as it is exciting for your child. It’s a journey that calls for active engagement and a proactive approach to ensure that your child receives the full spectrum of educational benefits we offer. To support them, it’s vital to create an environment conducive to learning at home, which includes a structured daily routine, clear goals, healthy habits, and, importantly, your heartfelt involvement. Beyond this, your parental account is a gateway to remain connected and informed. Here is where you can monitor your child’s academic voyage with just a few clicks—tracking progress, communicating with teachers, and staying in the loop with school updates. Let’s embrace this innovative learning adventure together, ensuring that our students not only excel academically but also grow into responsible global citizens under our collective guidance and support.

Handling Your Child’s Learning:

Some tips for parents on how to manage their child’s Virtual learning:

  • Set Up a Dedicated Learning Space: Create a quiet, organized, and dedicated space for your child to attend virtual classes and complete assignments.
  • Establish a Routine: Develop a consistent daily routine that includes structured times for classes, homework, breaks, and recreational activities.
  • Stay Involved: Regularly check on your child’s progress and stay in touch with their teachers for updates on academic performance and behavior.
  • Encourage Independence: While assistance is important, also encourage your child to take responsibility for their assignments and time management.
  • Focus on Goals: Set short and long-term educational goals with your child to keep them motivated and focused on their studies.
  • Promote Healthy Habits: Ensure your child takes regular breaks, gets plenty of physical activity, and maintains a healthy diet to support cognitive function and concentration.
  • Utilize Resources: Take advantage of the resources provided by Aile World School, such as tutoring services, libraries, and other educational tools.
  • Engage in Learning: Show interest in the topics your child is learning. Engage in discussions about their projects and the subjects they find exciting or challenging.

Navigating the Parent Account:

Navigating your Parent Account is crucial for staying engaged with your child’s virtual education. Here are practical tips to make the most of the online platform:

  • Login Regularly: Familiarize yourself with the parent portal interface by logging in regularly and exploring its features.
  • Monitor Academic Progress: Use the dashboard to monitor your child’s grades, attendance records, and assignment submissions.
  • Communication Tools: Learn how to use messaging systems to communicate with teachers and school staff for any concerns or questions you may have.
  • Update Personal Information: Ensure your contact details and your child’s medical and personal information are up-to-date in the system.
  • Access to Resources: Look for parent-specific resources, such as guides, open channels, or forums, to get support from other parents in World Green Hub community, particularly patents on same program.
  • Feedback Mechanism: Use the feedback tools provided to make suggestions or voice concerns about the virtual schooling experience, or other challanges that might disturb the learning process.
  • Participate in Events: Be aware of and participate in virtual school meetings, workshops, and World Green Hub community events.
  • Technical Support: Know how to access technical support in case you or your child face any issues with the school’s platforms or software. Usually it’s a button linked to IT Support.
  • Welfare Support: If for any reason you face concerns regarding your child’s welfare at school or within the World Green Hub community and platforms, make sure to follow the World Green Hub’s established protocols for reporting welfare or safety issues, which are typically outlined on our policy page.
  • Account & Notifications: Customize notifications and update contacts regularly.