The Importance of Planning Before Entering University

So now you’re going to enter university, spending long years of hard work and money just to graduate, and then what? The hunt for a job begins. But, there are thousands if not millions of students who graduated years before you in all fields – engineering, mathematics, laboratories, design – who still haven’t found a job.

So what’s the point in you finding a job? No one benefits from the idea of obtaining degrees except the universities themselves, which are making money off the students’ backs. As for the students, they take these degrees and hang them up at home, and they don’t even get them a glass of water.

So when you enter university, you need to have two goals. The first goal is to learn how to learn, and this in itself is a skill I realised its importance when I was doing my master’s in Britain. I used to read a study, and honestly, I couldn’t make head or tail of it. Then I learned how to analyse studies, the types of studies, and how to critique them, and this skill became a source of my income.

The second goal is to set a plan for yourself on how to benefit from this knowledge and use it to build your own project after graduation. This is the only way to become wealthy.

So, entering university without a plan and without learning how to learn is a waste of time and money. We must make use of the knowledge and plan our future from now.

Video edited on Kapwing