We Adopt a Sustainable Curriculum That Turns Trash into Toys for Learning

We’re excited to share our innovative approach to education that transforms everyday trash into valuable learning tools! Inspired by Arvind Gupta’s remarkable work, our curriculum fosters creativity, resourcefulness, and environmental consciousness in students. ♻️✨

By using discarded materials like plastic bottles, old newspapers, and cardboard, we encourage students to think creatively and solve problems. These materials are turned into engaging educational toys that help students grasp complex concepts through interactive play.


  • Promotes Sustainability: Teaches recycling and waste reduction.
  • Enhances Creativity: Stimulates imagination and innovation.
  • Hands-On Learning: Deepens understanding of academic concepts.
  • Cost-Effective: Uses readily available waste materials.
  • Skill Development: Builds problem-solving, critical thinking, and manual skills.

Subjects Integrated:

  • Science: Physics concepts through toy creations.
  • Mathematics: Measuring and geometric principles.
  • Art: Designing and decorating toys.
  • Environmental Studies: Waste management and sustainability discussions.

Join us in cultivating a generation of environmentally conscious and creative problem-solvers! 🌍🧩

Special thanks to Arvind Gupta for his invaluable contributions to sustainable education. Learn more about his work here: Arvind Gupta’s TED Talk